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Pension Funds That Grow

In a climate of increased taxation, you need personalised retirement planning that focuses on wealth protection and growth. Despite increased pressure on pension and retirement benefits, it’s reassuring to know that there are still ways to help you meet your aspirations.

Countrywide Estate Planning ifa have specialist advisers that are experienced at developing retirement strategies that minimise tax liabilities, particularly if you are a high earner at risk from reduced tax relief, and help you grow your pension funds to provide for the retirement you want.

Offering specialist advice in pension solutions means that we can really help you with your pension needs. So, whether you are just starting out with your pension planning, need to review your existing plans to ensure they are working for you, or approaching retirement we can help.

Whatever the life stage or circumstances of our clients, Countrywide Estate Planning ifa can ensure that you enjoy more of your wealth, throughout your retirement.

You can be sure of an independent bespoke service that focuses on your needs and aspirations.

Countrywide Estate Planning ifa Pensions expertise covers all pension types including:

  • Personal and Group Pensions

  • Stakeholder Pensions

  • Occupational Pensions

  • Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP)

  • Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS)

  • Transfer plans including Section 32 contracts

  • Alternative Retirement Options

  • Post Retirement Planning including Income Drawdown and Annuities



Pension Funds That Grow

The decisions and choices you make at retirement, will affect the income you receive for the rest of your life.

It is essential, therefore to take into account your needs and objectives in retirement, including your views on the following issues:

  • Whether you need all your tax-free lump sum immediately;

  • Whether you require flexibility over the income amounts you receive in the future;

  • Whether you wish to maintain control over the investment of your pension fund;

  • How much risk you are prepared to accept, in order to maximise income;

  • The level of protection and range of options that you wish to leave for your family in the event of your prior death; and

  • The level of charges you are prepared to accept.

Countrywide is one of the UK’s leading independent financial advisers, and one of a select few whose expert views are consistently sought by the national press.

We have qualified advisers who can provide expert, impartial guidance in this complex area of pension planning at retirement. We will sit down with you and guide you through the options to best meet your circumstances.

The information given does not provide specific advice and may not be suitable to your individual circumstances.

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The taxation of pensions drastically changed in 2006, opening up both opportunities and potential pitfalls. At the time, HM Revenue & Customs described the process of change as ‘simplification’. In many respects, this description was correct. For most people, the new tax rules did simplify the situation very considerably. The multiplicity of different tax regimes was abolished with effect from 6 April 2006 and initially very few people found the replacement tax regime’s allowances for contributions or retirement benefits in the least restricting. However, amendments to the pension contribution tax relief rules introduced from 22 April 2009 and further tax reforms implemented from April 2011 have changed the picture: simplicity is no longer the watchword.

Pensions remain the most tax-efficient way for most people to provide for their retirement. The shrinking minority of the working population who are still members of defined benefits (or salary-related) pension schemes will have a generally attractive and secure means of building pension benefits. Most of the remainder who depend on defined contribution (or money purchase) schemes will find that the tax advantages normally outweigh the restrictions on access and the other rules. If you are a business owner, your pension scheme could be a useful tax vehicle for achieving your financial objectives.

The recent and proposed changes could mean that this is a good moment to review your pension arrangements and possibly look at alternative methods of retirement provision.

The FCA does not regulate tax advice. Tax rules are subject to change.