Investment Review Service

Do you really know how well your investments are performing?

At Countrywide, we believe you have the right to know.

If you have money invested it is vital for you to monitor its performance. You wouldn’t leave your cash unattended so why leave the performance of your investments unchecked?

One of the biggest problems facing investors is that the difference between an investment that performs well and one that performs badly can be enormous. In good times, when stockmarkets are on the up and the value of your funds are growing, perhaps you don’t need to worry quite so much about your investment decisions. But if you do not keep a check on just who is managing your hard earned money and how well they are doing, you could be losing out.Would you know how your funds are faring against other similar types of investment?

Through Countrywide, you have access to the Countrywide Investment Review Service you will receive a report with the facts about your funds you need. This will be updated for you every year so you can keep track.

As a member of Countrywide Estate Planning ifa Investment Review Service, every 12 months you will automatically receive a comprehensive Fund Review on each PEP, ISA, OEIC and Unit Trust fund that you register.

Here are just some of the key benefits:

Key Fund Information
Amongst the information in this section, we provide an up-to-date check on the yield (income) paid out by your fund. If you selected to have your income re-invested this will be done automatically by the fund provider to increase the value of your fund.

Aim of the Fund
The purpose of this section is to confirm what your fund is aiming to achieve. Monitor the performance of your investment fund over the last 12 months compared to the average performance of similar funds in the same sector. We will show you exactly how £1000 in your fund has performed against the average for the sector so you can keep a check to see how your fund manager is performing.

Detailed annual performance
As well as the 12-month performance graph, we will show you exactly how the fund you are invested in compares to the average for the sector in each of the past 5 years (where possible), and the cumulative performance. This will help you to see how consistent the fund manager has been over the medium term.

Our guide to understanding your fund review
You will be provided with a clear, concise guide to the information you receive for each fund review to ensure you can make the most of this service and make the most from your investments.

The service is available whether you are an existing client or not.  As part of the service you can phone us to ask questions about the report or arrange advice if you need it. But you are under no obligation to discuss or meet with us.

To take advantage of this service, call us on 01926 514393 or complete our online enquiry form.

If you have any queries why not take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)- designed to answer some of the most common questions we get asked about the Countrywide Investment Review Service.

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