Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered –
These are some of the most common questions we get asked about the Countrywide Investment Review Service. If you have any further questions, or would like some advice about the registration process, please call Countrywide on 01926 514393.

Who carries out the Review Service?
The service is carried out by qualified Advisers along with a dedicated team of support staff within Countrywide Estate Planning ifa, or our associates. Countrywide Estate Planning ifa is part of the Countrywide Group of Companies.

Will I have to meet somebody to discuss my review, or be pestered with phone calls?
No. You are under no obligation to meet an adviser or speak to anyone about your review. Of course if you would like more information of want to arrange to discuss it further with an adviser we would be pleased to arrange this for you.

Do I need to contact the company who sold me the investment in the first place?
No. Once you join the service Countrywide can take care of all the paperwork.

Will becoming a member of the Countrywide Investment Review Service mean changing my investment?
No. The authority you will need to provide is to act as your ‘Agent’ which simply enables Countrywide to seek the information they need to provide you with your Fund Review(s). Your investment and the way it is managed remains completely unchanged, unless you decide otherwise.

Do I still control my investment?
Yes, absolutely. The service allows you to monitor how well your investment is performing, but only you can decide if and when you wish to transfer your investment to a different fund.

Do I have to know the names of the funds in which I am invested?
No – as long as we have your details and the name of the companies managing the investment you want us to monitor, Countrywide can track down the relevant information.

Am I committed to the Countrywide Investment Review Service on a long term basis?
Not at all. You are completely free to change your PEP, ISA, OEIC or Unit Trust ‘Agent’ as often as you like, however cosideration needs to be given to any penalties at the time and Countrywide will provide guidance in these circumstances.

Will I have to wait 12 months for my first review?
No. As soon as you have registered with the service, Countrywide will write to your Fund Manager(s) to obtain the relevant information that will enable us to carry out your first review straight away, and annually thereafter.

Will I still get valuation statements from the Fund Manager?
Yes - our independent review is in addition to any statements that you normally receive from your Fund Manager during the year.

If my investment is performing badly, will you recommend an alternative?
Initially we will provide you with a review service only. If you are concerned about the performance of your investment please contact us and we can arrange for you to speak to one of our independent financial advisers.

Are there any catches?
Absolutely not – there are no catches and no hidden charges. Any fees / charges will be highlighted and discussed with you before any work is undertaken,

Tax treatment is dependant upon individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.

The information given does not provide specific advice and may not be suitable to your individual circumstances.

To take advantage of this service, call us on 01926 514393 or complete our online enquiry form.